The Project Fatta Samtycke


Consent has since been a key concept in Fattas work. In order to explore how a consensus culture would look and how it could be created in practice, the Fatta Samtycke project was started. The project has been part of Fatta's work to change standards for the prevention of sexual violence.


For three years, the project has worked six steps to raise awareness of everyday life. Project leaders Mario Runesson and Katarina Galic have together with groups across Sweden (Kiruna, Umeå, Åre, Stockholm, Åmål and Trelleborg) developed a methodology whose purpose is to make us think about what consent actually means and how we can ensure that we apply it to all interpersonal relationships, not just sexual ones. For consent to be applicable in all sexual situations, it is important that it becomes the basis for all relationships.


Fatta Samtycke is a project financed by the Civil Society Affairs Agency (MUCF) and the Equal Opportunities Authority (Jämy), made in collaboration with the six pilot municipalities.







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